Saturday, June 13, 2015

It's Personal!

Good Morning Fellow Take Shapers!
It's personal ... this struggle to unload excess chub and gain a higher level of health, happiness and fitness ... it's personal and ongoing!
  • Do you remember the day you discovered how easy it was to melt the pounds off with the Medifast foods?
  • Do you remember how easy it was to cheat (just a little!) and stall the whole process?
  • Remember when it dawned on you how easy it would be to gain it back if you weren't watching every bite you took?
  • And, do you recall what a relief it was do get back on program?
Yep, me too!
I'm passionate about staying slim, having only one size of pants in my closet (EVER!!!). 

As I've struggled and stabilized over the past six years, I'm grateful that I've adapted the "Habits of Health" as set out by Dr Andersen.

The cravings are gone and I'm much more aware of how I feel after eating certain foods. A handful of chips, fast food burger, or serving of cake leave me feeling itchy, bloated, and grouchy. My habits have changed. If they hadn't, I'd be much worse off then I was when I started.  

Let me know if you need a copy of the Maintenance Guide and remember to check in often and as needed. You aren't alone! (PS, thank you so much for referring friends and family members!)

Enjoy the photo of Amanda I never tire of looking at "Before and Afters " ... mainly because I know what it means on a very personal level!

​Have a wonder-filled week!!! Polly.​

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