Saturday, March 28, 2015

Can I do "This" for the Joy of it???

Good Morning Fellow Take Shapers
My question for the week is: Why don't we just make the necessary life-style changes for the pure joy of it? 

Most of us are highly motivated by fear and desire. They drive us to make changes, but what if we focused on the fun? What happens when we focus on those aspects of a healthy life-style that really support us long term? This is what I'd like to explore! I want to hear from you about falling in love with healthy foods, dancing, laughing and cheerfulness! 
I had an interesting conversation last week with a dear friend ... we were discussing "Success." It's interesting to me that we often kick ourselves or discount what we've done so far. We continually worry about our future. This keeps us in the mundane and "There's always something bad about to happen" space. ​This is miserly thinking, stinking thinking. We are afraid our luck will run out and that we might "over spend" our direct line to spiritual abundance!

So, let's continually redefine success and congratulate ourselves for every positive step. When we are happy, we can use the tools (like the Medifast 5&1 Program) with more confidence and comfort. We achieve our goals more quickly and are able to maintain our new-found health with ease. 

I'm attaching Amanda's "Before and After" as a reminder of what fun looks like - fun is to feel good and be able to connect and play with those we love!

I hope this weekly note is fun and helpful - I really enjoy the replies, appreciate the referrals, and am grateful for your business! Polly.

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