Saturday, February 21, 2015

How Do I Feel About Success?

16 pounds made a real difference!
Good Morning Take Shapers!
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Last week, I suggested we define "Success." We all know that when a goal is well defined, it's easier to aim at and achieve. Some cool responses came in! Here are my Favorite Quotes:

How do you define success?

Success is when I stay centered and don't allow myself to overindulge ... I'm in maintenance and haven't always found it easy to keep the pounds from sneaking back on. Currently, I'm tracking my habits, watching for the moments when I'm most likely to fall off my wagon. I've been keeping a small notebook on my kitchen counter and recording what I eat after 5pm each day ... It seems that I eat normally throughout the day until it's time to fix dinner! Knowing what's throwing me off has been really helpful in keeping me mindful, satisfied, happy and trim.
​How do you know you are on the right track?
(From a client who is down 37 pounds and has a bit more to go) I know I'm on track when I set out my Medifast meals for the day and smile with gratitude!!! I love feeling the fat melt off me! I love it that I just make ONE decision each morning and evening - it's the decision to stay true to the program and feel it work for me!!

What are your daily, weekly, monthly, and annual desired achievements? I made a list of all the things I've been successful at in my life - I've done lots of cool things but being healthy hasn't been one of them. So, I asked myself how I could use the "Decide, Focus, and Get-er-done" tactics I've used so successfully in the past ... it's working!!! (Down 17 pounds to date)

What are the Baby Steps that need to be taken every day?You know this one! I call you!! Thanks for helping me - once we broke it down, I wasn't so overwhelmed ... I can do this!! (Down 56 pounds, stalled, regained 8, back on program!)

Share the thoughts that come to YOUR mind! The remaining questions on last week's list are:
  • What are your bench marks?
  • How will you know when you get there?
  • What do you do to celebrate your successes?​
  • How do you keep it light, playful, and fun?
​Most of you know my story, my sweetheart, Greg, was dangerously obese and I had tried for years and years to get and stay slim. Teaming up with Take Shape for Life changed our lives! Be sure to check out Dr Andersen's Blog - there's soooo much good info here!

Finally, take a look at the two photos of me - you can see how I feel about success by the look in my eyes!​ I have coaching call time slots open on Mondays and Wednesdays - let me know if you want one of them. Check in over the weekend - I can't wait to get your updates!

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