Friday, November 14, 2014

Good Health is Contagious!

Ever notice that good health is contagious?
Once we've made the decision to be and stay healthy, it's as if the entire Universe conspires to assist us.  The reverse is also true.  Next time you hear someone complaining about their health, look at the friends and family members.  I've found that, just as misery loves company, friends with poor health seem to be surrounded by others with worse health. 

I don't think these means that we desert those dear ones who are struggling.  I'm just certain that deciding to be healthy, surround myself with others who value emotional, social, and physical health, and standing up for happiness is an essential piece to my well-being.

Click "Reply" and share what steps you are taking to achieve your health goals.
How has this past week been? What will you do to insure that next week takes you closer to your goals?

Favorite Quotes:
Thank you for always being there and believing in me!  I was starving myself and beating myself up before I met you!
​I love your blogs!
​ This one from Greg really helped me. ​
 I've shared 
​it ​
with several family members and co-workers.
I'm so glad you answered the phone last Sunday ... as you know, I'd fallen off the wagon.  I'm happy to report that I picked myself up and got back on!  Down 3 more pounds this week!!!

Favorite Tips:
​I really appreciate the order and structure that a good "Planner" (calendar and date book) gives me.  Here's one that I've just ordered - let me know if you get one and how it helps you!​

Enjoy the Photo - Change could start with you! What will you decide today? This week? This year???

Check in often and thanks for the referrals!

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