Monday, September 8, 2014

Driving with Your Breaks On?

Good Morning Take Shapers!
A number of the clients I've worked with felt like they were dying ... Like it was a struggle to be up and about for any period of time.  One fellow said, "Getting the mail had become a major event! I'd been miserable for so long that I'd become grumpy and my computer had become my best friend because my family didn't like hanging out with me. My skin itched and I didn't like the way I smelled or looked ..."  Together, you and I can help many people get back on the road to good health and happiness!

My question for the week is: "Have you been driving with your breaks on?"
When we set out on any journey, it's important to some some idea of the destination we wish to reach ... then we can just day-dream about it, meander slowly, or GO there!!!  
Is it the same with our health journey???  
What will help you define your destination?  
How will you "Stop, Challenge, and Choose?" when facing temptations, bordedom, and detours? 
Have you been driving with your breaks on???

I continue to love coaching because I can honesty say, "Me Too!"  When I'm helping someone, I'm always helping myself along my health journey too.  Call, text, or quick e-mail to check in!!!

Favorite Quotes this week:
"I just want to be able to go fishing!"
"This is MAGIC! This is the easiest thing I've ever done!!!"
"This is getting boring ... what can I do to spice it up and why is it taking so long?"
"Why did I wait so long?"

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Thank-you for your business, the ongoing check-ins and referrals!

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