Saturday, September 27, 2014

Do you have an evening "Munchie Monster?"

This week's Check-In Note!
How did your week go?
How will you tweak habits and sharpen focus to make next week even better?
How will you celebrate your successes???

I have and evening "Munchie Monster" ... how about you?
Here's what I do when I struggle:
  1. Immediately grab a glass of water and piece of celery
  2. Be prepared!! I have celery cut up and ready to grab - putting it in my mouth gives me the few minutes I need to calm the craving, clear my thinking and sharpen my resolve to win the battle!
  3. Recognize habits, needs, behaviors, and triggers and make a plan 
  4. Write my goal for the following day's weight on a big piece of paper and tape to my fridge after dinner. I take it down when I go off to bed so I'll have the opportunity to write it big and bold the next evening if needed.
  5. I take 3 deep breaths and remember what Dr A says: Stop, Challenge, Choose!
  6. I get out of the kitchen or away from the buffet table as quickly as I can - sometimes, grabbing a favorite book and reading for a few minutes will sooth my mind and allow me to refocus and deflate the Munchie Monster with ease.
This week: Celebrate the small changes - changes in habits in appearance and in how you feel.  Hears a few comments I've heard recently:

I'm not so short of breath!
I'm sleeping so much better.
My mind is clear.
I have so much more energy!!
I have hope!

Congratulations on all of your efforts - for every time you fall down and get back up!!!

Check in often and Thanks for the referrals!

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