Friday, July 18, 2014

Failure IS an Option!

I hate to fail ... but we've all done it a million times ...
On the other hand, I love getting back up, resetting my compass, and feeling the resilience, the bounce, as I go for it again!

Currently, we've added a new puppy to our household ... he "fails" to make it up the steps repeatedly but that doesn't seem to cause him any unhappiness.  In fact, each time he "fails," he gives a bark and goes at it again.  I'm focusing on being like the puppy, setting my sights on what I want, and going for it every day! 

This is an excerpt from Barry Motz's book, Bounce:
Failure thus can be viewed as an escape hatch for each step. Finding out what doesn’t work is as important as finding out what does — and there is no doubt that failure teaches us what doesn’t work. When we fail, we have eliminated at least one of the possibilities. Failure actually can be very cleansing. It gives us the ability to start anew with a modified or entirely new direction or outlook that has a new opportunity (and probability) for success. The moment we jettison what happened, we have a fresh chance to succeed (or to fail). We can get moving once again and begin a new streak.
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