Saturday, May 24, 2014

What's Good with You?

Good Morning Take Shapers,
If being a Health Coach was a "regular job," I'd just want to hear about how your dietary efforts were going ... that and the referrals are what keep me in business.  However, this is not a regular job! It's a long term relationship and that means I'm looking forward to hearing how you are, what you're up to, and what life changes you are seeing since making the decision to improve your health!

As I follow my personal path to improve my health and coaching skills, deepen my understanding and expand core happiness, I've run across some incredible teachers and guides. Recently, I was at a coaching presentation with Patti Dobrowolski who explained how doing simple drawings of your "Current Reality" and "Desired Results" is even more powerful than making a written list. I'd love to explore these techniques with you if you are interested. The basics can be found in part one of  Dr A's Habits of Health, chapter 11 in Discover Your Optimal Health, and throughout Robert Fritz' Path of Least Resistance,  Adding the element of very simple drawings engages the right side of our brain and make our goals clearer, and more sustainable. 

The quotes today are all from clients and coaches who, once they figured out how to set positive changes in motion for their health, began using the same skills to make positive changes in their lives. 

I let go of a number of relationships that were dragging me into chronic gloom, gossip, and self doubt. I feel so much happier, positive, and capable! My body is less burdened and so is my mind and spirit!
My desk is clean and orderly - who would have thought it possible? (She sent me a before and after of her work space!)
The past two years have been amazing, I accepted the fact that I'm an artist and that I want to focus the rest of my life creating beautiful works and collaborating with other artists.
My kids are so important to me - as I've come face to face with my carboholic-ism, I've been feeding my whole family better!
I'm "All In!"

So, What's Good with You today??? 
Check-in and let me know how you're doing on program, what changes you are seeing and making, and who else we can help!!!

Happy Memorial Day!! Here's my note from Memorial Day last year - did you see it?

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