Saturday, May 31, 2014

Can Drawing Help Me Reach My Goals?

Question: Can the act of doing simple line drawings help us follow the program, reach our health goals, and live the "BeSlim" lifestyle? YES!!!!!

Announcement:  I have a new skill to help us reach and keep our improved health. We've been using the Structural Tension Chart and I've learned the power of doing the chart using simple line drawings. Call me! Let's do this together!!

As many of you know, Greg and I are five years slim ... reaching the goals in the spring of 2009 wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. The Take Shape Program is incredible and our coaches have been wonderful. The ongoing challenge has been revising life-long eating habits and staying slim! (Thank goodness for Dr Andersen!) And part of the joy has been the privilege of helping others do the same.

Since drawing these pictures, I've felt more confident in my eating patterns. The temptation to grab and eat every chip in sight has subsided and I've put my scale away. I can hardly wait to hear how this process might benefit you too. 

Request: Since you have also decided to reinvent yourself, I have a special request ... get a scrap of paper (do it right now before you have a chance to talk yourself out of it!) and do a line drawing of your Current Reality and your Desired New Reality.  In between the drawings, list three bold action steps you can do today to help you make the shift. Snap a photo of your drawing and send it to me by text or email. I can't wait to see your "Health Transformation" art!

For more inspiration: Check out the work of Patti Dobrowolski, Drawing Solutions. Her work has inspired me to to explore how simple drawings can reveal deep issues, solidify goals and help us heal from old wounds.

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