Saturday, April 19, 2014

Saboteurs Anyone???

Do you have "Saboteurs" in your life? Are there those family members who are worried that you are not getting enough to eat? Losing weight too quickly? Pressing you to have some more dessert or another drink?

Changing our habits, decisions, preferences, and appearance isn't easy when we are on our own and sometimes, even more difficult when we are with family or co-workers. One fellow who tipped the scales at 310 after burning off 55 pounds, had the following conversation with his mother:

Mom: "Sweetheart, you aren't going to lose any more are you???"
Client's Reply: "Yes! Yes mom, I am going to lose more. I am planning to use Dr A's Habits of Health and the Medifast 5&1 Program to steadily take off another 110 pounds! I've never felt so confident and grateful for my healthy decisions than I have in the last several months. I know I can do this and gain health for the rest of my life! I know that under all this fat, I am a very strong, lean machine. After all, I've been "weight-lifting" this load for many, many years! In fact, it's almost killed me!!"

The reality is that obesity has been killing us in many ways. Besides the obvious chronic diseases (I don't need to name them here!), obesity kills our enthusiasm for long walks on the beach, playing football with the kids and grand kids, and getting into a swim suit! For many of us, being overweight caused nagging depression, self-consciousness, job discrimination, and loneliness.

So, be grateful every moment! 
Make the the Program work for you by working the Program! 
No complaining this weekend when everybody else is taking seconds at the Easter Buffet and having heaping helpings of Eggs Benedict with hollandaise sauce! Make your family holiday about passing out hugs, catching up on family news, making happy memories, and staying in motion!

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