Monday, April 7, 2014

I needed to Restart!

Building new habits is like building new muscles ... You have to keep up the
good work!

This past week I heard from several people who have restarted the weight loss portion of our Program. Here are four of my favorite quotes from the last couple of days:

"I kept thinking I can do this on my own ... then I'd slide back into old habits and a couple of pounds (POUNDs of fat!) would find their way to my belly ... OK, I'm back on for a couple of weeks and am so relieved to be in fat-burning again!"

"This time, I'm doing things differently. I've set my 5 Medifast meals out each day - my wife put hers in baggie for the week - and we are having our lean and green at lunch time. I take mine to work. By the time I head home, I have two Medifast meals left for the day. I'm drinking more water and I reach for a glass whenever I feel the temptation to cheat. I'm looking forward to transitioning and maintenance, but for now, I just remind myself that I have plenty of fuel "in storage" ... besides, "NOTHING tastes as good as thin feels!"  Thank you for you encouragement!"

"I have come to the conclusion that although I have done a reasonable job of maintaining my weight where it is, I am not able to lose weight on my own at this time without the help of Medifast ... I have changed the labels on my calendar to reflect my meal times and am pre-planning what I will be eating each day and recording it on the calendar.  I have saved all of the emails from the challenge in my "My Journey" file and plan to go back through them again and this time I will be able to start walking ... My mom is also being supportive and working on following her doctor given meal plan to get healthy. We are trying some new recipes that fit into both of our plans.  I am looking forward to reporting awesome results and big changes in the weeks ahead."

"I have an old scar on my forearm ... when I gain a few pounds, it pulls and hurts!!! When the excess pounds come off, it feels fine and doesn't bother me at all ... what a great reminder!!

Finally, it's almost swimsuit time!!! Like we've heard before, "NOTHING tastes as good as thin feels!" (I know that's in this note already but I need to hear it and internalize it again and again!!!) 

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Have a GREAT week! Check-in often, refer the folks you care about and share your tricks, thoughts and triumphs!!! 

Polly Malby, RN, CNM, retired 
Certified Passion Test Facilitator
Certified Health Coach with Take Shape for Life!
Specializing in Personal and Corporate Wellness

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