Thursday, April 10, 2014

Choosing to sort and get rid of the burdens?

Purging, one load at a time!
As I am welcome the promise of spring, artistic adventures, and grand-babies into my top priority activity lists, I'm finding the de-cluttering, sorting, and purging process to be incredibly freeing! This weekend I cleaned out my office and hauled out over 9 loads of recycling - old notes, files, outdated materials, and stuff, stuff stuff! 

When I had filled up the recycle bin, I asked Greg to weigh it. It weighed 100.9 pounds!! There was no way I could possibly lift it. It made me think about my weight loss / health gaining journey and the journey of many of the clients I'm working with ... most of us have been carrying a sizable burden of emotional and physical excess for many years and are now choosing to identify, sort, and discard it! It brings tears to my eyes. Congratulations! Strong Work!!!

Your determination, insight, vulnerability, and self-motivation are what keep me emotionally and spiritually engaged in this work. I'm looking forward too next week's update! Polly.

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