Monday, March 24, 2014

Defining Success!

Good morning Take Shapers!
The sunshine coming through my window this morning is such a welcomed reminder of Spring, renewal, and rebirth ... I hope your week on program has gone well and that you are energized for the weeks ahead!

Want a sandwich? I saw a facebook post from a client who was craving a sandwich ... check out this no carb "mock bread" recipe! Tell me how you use it!

Last week I suggested that you share how you define success ... Here's one of my favorite answers:
Success on 'Program' means, taking good care of myself wherever I am ... in fat-burning and weight loss, or transition and maintenance, The Take Shape for Life Program designed by Dr Andersen, has given me the tools I needed to get to a healthy weight and develop habits and stragegies for feeling better and better over the past two years. Success began when I thought I was just starting on a new 'diet.' I was delighted to discover that TSFL offers much more! Thank you for being my coach! Thank you for insisting I get at least one of Dr A's books and tap into the Support Calls. I love the 5&1 Medifast meal plan and the focus on optimal health for a life time of awareness and well-being. I love the entire BESLIM philosophy! I love that becoming a healthier person hasn't been 'work' ... it's been playful, easy, and sustainable!

Another favorite quote for one of our coaches:
"I'm so proud of my Dad! He's under 300 pounds for the first time in years! His doctor is amazed at his weight loss and positive lab results! My dad is so much more cheerful ... none of us (including himself) realized how much pain he'd been in from carrying around so much excess weight!!

This week, think about how you can gently and authentically share what you've learned. How many friends and family members, neighbors and co-workers would benefit from dropping the burden of fat they are carrying? How many would feel better by getting on the 5&1, adopting the Habits of Health, and having access to the complimentary services of a Health Coach? Between us, we can have a positive impact on the experience an lives of those we care about. We have the potential to decrease depression, medication needs, lost productivity, worry, and pain. 

Click Here to read Mary's story and the stories of many other clients by putting the word "story" in the search box on my blog.

Have a great week!!

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