Monday, February 3, 2014

Muddy Puddle Story

Photo by Heidi Brand
In her book, The Passion Test, Janet Atwood explains that when asked "What's really important to you?" the answer we give may reflect what we sincerely believe however, it's our actions that will tell the real story. Our actions really do speak louder than our words.

So then, the question arises, if I'm being and doing what brings me the greatest joy and happiness, is that being selfish? The truth is, when I show up in life as my happiest, most courageous, authentic, grateful and joyous self, then everybody wins! On the other hand, if I spend my time worrying about everyone else, ruminating about who said what and why, and desperately trying to fix everything so that everyone else is happy, the result is that I am spinning my wheels and am probably interfering, judging, and dabbling in everybody else's business.  Then, arguments, resentment, unsolicited advice, frustration, depression, and alienation abound.

It reminds me of a story I was told years ago about a person who was searching for answers. While she walked along, deep in thought, she noted a beautiful scene on the road ahead ... crystal blue sky was reflecting up from a rain-filled puddle. Perhaps the answers she was looking for were right here! So, she grabbed a stick and began to poke around. Of course, this just disturbed the reflection and stirred up the mud below the surface. Solutions to our challenges and the problems of those we love, are not to be found in the muddy puddle. Why look into a muddy puddle when we simply have to look up and tap into oceans of love, encouragement and guidance? Why would I look in a muddy puddle when I have concourse of assistance just waiting to refresh, support, and assist me to calmer, happier shores?

Note to self: Free yourself from limiting thoughts.  Stand in this place of creative courage, ride the magic carpet with confidence into the unknown. Thankfully, its not for me to organize the universe!  I'll play my part, strive to serve with a pure heart and delight as the world unfolds before me!

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  1. I love this inquiry you are undertaking Polly! I recently had a different take on the "muddy puddle" though. I was having a lot of sadness and upset over my eldest son's marital troubles and came across the Buddhist saying that " the lotus flower that grows out of the mud ...we can rise above our defilements". I found as I let myself just experience the grief, life just got more real. I felt some superficiality and arrogance that were living in me drop away and it occurred to me that it is the dang muddy water that GIVES us life...

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  3. I had missed this post Helene - thank you so much for the insight ... mud and muddy puddles have such promise. How are things now?