Monday, February 10, 2014

Defining Success ...

What's better than "Success?"  

Play time with granddaughter in 2007
Robert Fritz, the author of The Path of Least Resistance and mentor for the leadership of Take Shape for Life says, "Living a life in which you are involved with your own life-building process" is better than our common notions of success.  He suggests that reading about success in self-help books and magazines puts the focus on what we think "Success" will bring us and how our lives will improve as a result. Whereas, the focus should always be on the process of creating a life that matters to us. Fritz goes on to say: 

"There is a distinction between success, and creating those things that matter to you. Success has to do with identity and self-definition. It is not about the actual accomplishments you have achieved. Rather it is how you see yourself by having achieved them." Click here to read more!

Sometimes it seems that my whole adult life has been focused on goal setting and striving for a series of successful moments ... I really like what Robert Fritz has to say and with that in mind, I'm celebrating the process of creating my life around what matters most and brings me the greatest joy!
Success during this past week's Northwest ice and snow storms included:
  • Visiting our moms - Greg went to California for the week with his mom and I drove south for several days with mine - very precious time!
  • Getting home safely even though I needed to pull off the freeway mid-trip and get a motel for 24 hours. (Thankfully, Greg's plane arrived safely, on time, and between storms.)
  • Sorting fabrics and craft closet after un-boxing supplies that I haven't seen since moving several years ago ... I'm excited for the projects yet to come!
  • Getting a head start on tax prep ... it always feels better after it's done!
So today's question might be: How do you identify success on a daily basis?  How is success related to Happiness, Health, and Wealth for you personally?  What are your next steps???

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