Sunday, February 23, 2014

Check-in Time!

Good Morning Purposeful Transformers!
I've really enjoyed the check-ins recently!! 
As a coach, I resist the urge to "chase" clients ... this means, when you're struggling and celebrating, I'm not going to know about it unless you call, text, or email me!  Since I try not to chase, I may never generate stock piles in the bank, but I am wealthy beyond belief as relationships and connections flourish! My business grows due to your success, determination, transformation, and referrals!!! Check-in often and whenever needed.

Medifast is offering $40 off their popular Variety Packs through March 2nd!!! Let me know if you need help getting your order in. Of course, you can always call Client Services for assistance if I'm not available, 1-800-572-4417.

This week's Question: What sweet surprise made you want to pinch yourself this week? 

Last week I asked, What made you laugh?!? Here are three of my favorite replies:
I'm almost 70 and I went out and refereed five basketball games for LEST. (Can you picture this??? DJ started out with us carrying over 100 pounds of stored fuel ... he shared that he felt like he was dying under the weight. Now, he just refereed FIVE basket ball games!!! Good work!!) 
The most amazing thing happened on Saturday!  I decided to open a birth center in Las Cruces on March 1.  Life is changing by the moment ... I'm so excited that I forgot to breath! (This is from Katia, another incredibly determined Takeshaper who has shed over 100 pounds!)
I strained my back stepping off my porch (not funny!) However, I am not/will not give up. It may take me longer to get there but then the rewards earned with be that much more cherished! (So right!!!)

Be sure to check out my blog and facebook posts ... make comments, make connections!!!!  

So, have a good week, keep track of happy, wealthy moments ... Like you, I'm so surprised that I just want to pinch myself! Together, we are doing something that thousands yearn for and few people actually get to do, we are taking shape and transforming ... one baby step, one habit, and one friendship at a time!

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