Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Jot down the tiny indicators of success!

Yes, there will be Signs!
Making real changes is not be fast or easy ... but who wants to be known as fast and easy?

Begin jotting the "Signs" in your journal ... they help us know where we are heading!!!

I'm going the wrong way when: 
I can't zip up my blue jeans.
Knit shirts show my rolls and there's a noose around my neck when I put on a shirt and tie ...
I'm worried about visiting my aunt ... she has all these antique chairs and I'm afraid I'll break one ...
I get to restaurants first so I can choose a table and avoid the booths.
I decline offers to carpool ... no way can I get in a back seat!

I'm on the right track:
My pants are feeling loose even when fresh out of the drier!
I need new shoes, these have gotten too big!
I was able to carry on a conversation while walking during my lunch break.
I got out of my chair with ease and didn't feel like I had to push against the armrests to keep from taking it with me.
I'm no longer embarrassed to tell the waiter I want double steamed vegges and no bread.

Jot down the tiny indicators of success! I have lots of ideas for your "Health Journey Journal!" Contact me and let's get this thing rolling today! 

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