Friday, January 10, 2014

I'm not perfect ...

I just discovered Timeline Photos by "A Mighty Girl" ... these are amazing and so perfect to share with young women ... sometimes I worry that all my focus on helping people let go of the overcoat of obesity indicates that we aren't worthy of love if we aren't barbie doll perfect - it's such a balance and delicate line to be walking ... Since my whole purpose on the planet is "To Help People Out" (think 30 years of midwifery!!!), then it's made perfect sense for me to morph into a position where I can share tools and info on taking off the emotional and physical weights we've become burdened with so that we can maneuver about in the world with more freedom, less illness, and more joyfulness. My constant thought is to be of service, to be kind, to see and value each person with the eyes of love and friendship.  Private message me if you'd like to chat about the Passion Test and/or gaining better health.
Timeline Photos (2,279 photos)
Happy 72nd birthday to legendary American folk singer, songwriter and activistJoan Baez! During her 55 years of performing, Baez has released over 30 albums. Her first three albums, "Joan Baez" (1960), "Joan Baez Vol. 2" (1961), and "Joan...See More

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