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Corbett Ladies' Tea

As I head off to the monthly Corbett Ladies' Tea, it occurred to me that you may like to know a little about this wonderful group. Each month, I help host a "Corbett Ladies Tea" in Corbett, OR. We have such a good time ... the themes, speakers, and participants always vary - see below.  It's been a wonderful way to connect, share interests, and build community.  We have danced, shared our writing, talked about business, how to help our aging parents, preserve our local history, and manage our money.  Contact me for more info, if you would like to start on in your area, I'll be happy to help you. 

The following is a piece I wrote several years ago about the Tea 

A Little Her-Story: 

Each Corbett Ladies' Tea gathering has gotten better than the one before … We come away inspired and reconnected in ways we never imagined.  The first Teas were held in homes then we settled into the comfort and convenience of the Springdale Community Center.  When it closed, we met in the Fire Hall and are now having tea at the Corbett Grange Hall.

To establish a rhythm, Tea Party dates are on the last Thursday morning of each month from 10-noon except in Nov and Dec when they will be held on the third Thursday due to holidays.

Attendees should bring a guest or two, a teacup & saucer, plate of nutritious goodies to share, small donation to cover cost of the room, and a stack of business cards if they have them.

Initial Motivation:

To meet neighbors and become connected with the community of women in Corbett.

Ongoing Drive:

The purpose of the Tea Parties is to bring Corbett women together – get to know each other, support each other, and promote community-building conversations and activities.

All of us are amazed at and inspired by the variety, strength, compassion, and resourcefulness of the women our community!  We are the “Pioneer Women” who are weaving the fabric of our community for the next 100 years … In 2109, someone will be researching our lives, looking for our photos, and marveling at how we’ve managed without all of the new gadgets, conveniences, ease of travel & communication that they will take for granted 100 years from now.  This is a chance to write the “Her-Story of  the 2009 Corbett Pioneer Women!”

Early Corbett Ladies’ Tea
Themes …

9/11/08            Berries and Brunch 
                        No theme, just getting together for the first time … testing the waters!

10/15/08          Foot Spa
                   With Kim from the “Body Shop at Home” & Lauren Bishop of
                        Connections Networking … ‘Beginning to network & share

11/12/08          “What Are You Making for the Holidays?”
                        ‘Sharing economical craft ideas & cottage industries … 

12/ 18/08         Financial Wellness at the Brickhaven B & B
                        Canceled due to snow & ice, Darn! 

01/15/09          Health and Wellness,
            Showcase opportunity for women in our community to offer health related
            services such as yoga classes, nutritional therapy, weight loss programs,
            nutritional products, and massage.

02/19/09          Financial Wellness
                        This one replaced our canceled tea in December.
                        It featured women who have expertise in real estate, investing, tax
                        preparation, and financial wellness.

03/26/09          Spiritual Wellness
                   How do we do to nourish our spiritual selves?
                        How do we reflect that light to our community?
                        We lettered stones with messages of hope and later placed them lovingly in a place of recent                         trauma and despair.

04/30/09          How Does Your Garden Grow?
We featured local gardeners and members of the Columbia Garden Club. 

05/28/09          Taming Our Home Interiors
                        We featured women who have expertise in closet organization,
                        drapery construction, interior design, and tools for women.

06/25/09          Her-Story, Pioneer Women of Corbett
                        This very special Tea concluded with a tour of our Museum!
                        Kathie Freund  shared stories of early settlers and women from
                        Clarence Mershon’s Living East of the Sandy River, Vols I & II.
                        One of those early settlers, June Bates Law Kirby joined us for a sweet Q&A session!

07/30/09          Garden Tea at Elaine Hudson’s Landscapes in Living Color
We focused on “The Power of Friendship,” toured Elaine’s beautiful gardens, wore favorite hats and sensible shoes!

08/27/09          Are You in Business or Thinking About Starting One?
We shared our personal experiences and heard from Marie Daniels of the MHCC Small Business Development Center.  As a result (you’re going to like this!) Marie was so impressed by our local energy and spirit that she has spearheaded a new group for women in the East Metro area, “Women In Business Roundtable.”  (E-mail or call me for more info.)

09/24/09          What Do You Do For Fun and Play?
                        We shared what we do and would like to do for fun and play.
                        Our next step is to gather some photos of ourselves playing and reporting back on how we                           added in what we’d like to do.

10/29/09          Identifying Local Women’s Groups and Planning New Ones
                        We shared what groups we currently participate in and what types of group that we’d like to                         create and participate in that support local women and build community?  The diversity,                                 talent, drive, and spirit of friendship was humbling and invigorating.

11/16/09          Mini Bazaar
A Showcase of Services, Products, & Crafts
Provided and Produced by all of us,
The 2009 Pioneer Women of Corbett

12/17/09          Holiday Tea at Brickhaven Bed & Breakfast
                       Come celebrate the season and our friendships at Phyllis and Ed Thiemann’s the beautiful                              Bed & Breakfast on the Gorge. Start thinking about a classic cookie and outrageous                                    ornament exchange.

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