Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Passion Test Instructions!

I'm excited to add a new offering for you!

As a newly certified Passion Test Facilitator, I'm offering The Passion Test at a reduced cost of $97 (normally $297) through the end of January, 2014. This set of instructions will wet your appetite for more! Let me know when you're ready to take the next step to transform your life!

Passions are your driving force, the propellers of your boat. Aligning actions with passion, speeds you on your way with ease & joy! Polly.

The Passion Test:  Making Your List in Preparation for Session #1

Making your list is the first step in this process of getting clear about your passions.
  • Make a list of what is important to you, what you are passionate about … what lights your fire!
  •  At the top of the page, write “My life is ideal, and I am …”
  • Number each item in the list
  • Complete the sentence using an ‘-ing’ verb to bring everything to NOW (e.g. 1. Enjoying good health.   2.  Having fun with everything. 3.  Being in a close intimate relationship with my ideal partner. 4.  Living in a warm climate.  5. Inspiring all humanity to live their greatest potential …etc.)
  • Go ‘all out’ in making your list…the sky is the limit…nothing is too ‘big’ or too ‘small’ to be included
  • Give each passion its own number in the list (Don’t judge or prioritize them)
  • Include all hopes, dreams and wishes…any that may still remain from childhood or youth…that may be in front of any “but’s” or “when’s” or “can’t because…” in your list-making process
  • Include all things that are important to you, that you love,even though they may not seem to be in your experience right now
  • Come from the premise that all resources are in place now for living your passions fully
  • Include items on your list from categories such as:  health, family, relationships, career, hobbies, travel, home, finances, spirituality  (plus  any other categories)
  • Let your list be as long as it is, with a minimum of 10 items
  • Have fun, don't "over think it!" Enjoy!
Please email, scan or fax me a copy of your list 24 hours prior to Session #1.  Thank you!
Session #1 (approximately  1-1.5hr) Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

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