Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Just a little M&M ...

At a conference this past week, little bags of trail mix were provided along with pastries, coffee and tea. Since I'm in maintenance and we were engaged in intense activities, the trail mix was a reasonable snack choice ... well, except for the M&Ms.  

The M&Ms didn't support my passionate desire to be a feisty 61 year old with vitality, health, and beauty. I had to do a little internal debate and it came down to this: Yes OR No? ... Yes or No Polly?  I could certainly have them if I wanted them but they didn't serve me nor did they serve my deepest desires so I picked them out and tossed them.

I'm not sharing this story to brag. I'm sharing it to connect on a deeper level with you. I became a coach to build relationships and be of service.  I care deeply about your progress and success.  We are not alone on this journey to better health ... we are working in strength and harmony towards sustainable well-being, stamina, and happiness. The Sees candies, pies, cakes, and holiday drinks may give us momentary pleasure but, they don't contribute to our health or get us where we want to go!  If you long for freedom, set your course and walk that way.  Reach out and offer your hand to others. Notice the pitfalls, traps, and thieves. Take the opportunity to Stop, Challenge, and Choose! We don't have to make New Years Resolutions, we simply have to decide to live in favor of our true passions!  

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