Monday, December 30, 2013

Dr A sent us a "Welcome to the TSFL 12-Week Health Transformation!"

From Dr Andersen:
Welcome to the 12-Week Health Transformation!
Welcome to the beginning of a life-changing journey. I am excited to help you leave behind the world of poor health for one of vibrant, long-lasting health.

These next 12 weeks are going to create the momentum, give you the skills, and offer you the support to set you up to enjoy the precious gift of health for many years to come. Many programs start out with extreme workouts or unrealistic dieting, promising quick weight loss in an unrealistic amount of time.They disregard long term success and do not focus on actually helping you create long term health The result: the diets fail, and any weight lost or health benefits are short lived and over 85 % gain their weight

The Take Shape For Life approach is designed to help you make a sustainable changes in all areas of your health. Exercise and diet will be important parts of your journey, but they treat systems of poor health rather than the cause. The first step in living a healthier life is changing the way you think about yourself and about health. Once you have made a mental change, making and maintaining the physical change will be much easier, especially with the support of a Health Coach motivating you to discover your optimal health.

In our 12-week Health Transformation will help you make measurable and significant improvement in 5 major areas of your Health.  These areas are:
            Healthy Eating
            Healthy Weight
            Healthy Habits of Motion
            Healthy Sleep
            And Healthy Mind/Well-being
Over the next 12 weeks we will sharing information daily on how to improve in all of these key areas. And, during these next weeks, we"re going to create the momentum, give you the skills, and offer you the support to set you up to enjoy the precious gift of health for many years to come."
 On Monday, the first leg of your email challenge will begin.

I will send you seven emails a week for 12 weeks that will guide you through the process of creating health in your life. These emails will arrive early in the morning so that you can use them to start your day. If you can check your email once a day, you can make this program work for you. 
Just like my books, these emails will contain lessons, exercises, and challenges.

Every email is based on my personal experience as a medical doctor and on the content of my first two books, Dr. A's Habits of Health and Discover Your Optimal Health. Thousands of people just like you have used my lessons to lose weight, fight disease, and live happier, more fulfilling lives. I am confident that you can succeed just like they did, especially if you take full advantage of the 12-Week Health Transformation contest that Take Shape For Life is sponsoring with the help of Medifast.

While there are many prizes up for grabs, the greatest reward of all is the chance to live a healthier life. Be sure to read the full details of the contest, complete the checklist, and connect with your Health Coach. This will make you eligible for the contest.

To get started, all you need is a notebook, a pen, and a computer. Picking up a copy of Discover Your Optimal Health will add more depth to the daily lessons, but it's not mandatory. Just check your email, read the lessons, and do the exercises.

Watch this blog for more info in the days to come.

In Health, Dr.A

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