Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Taking Off the Last 5, 10, 20 Pounds ...

I really appreciate feedback from clients I haven't heard from for a year or two ... I continue to be available to you and love learning from you.

JC wrote that he's at his lowest but still six pounds above his goal ... Those last few pounds are a bit more resistant to being used up because: 
  1. they've been "around" for a long, long time. 
  2. when we are close to goal, the remaining fat represents a larger percentage of our body size. 
  3. we may be in a rut and need to be a little more flamboyant in our cooking and seasoning or ...
  4. old habits from our previous attempts at "sweat and starve" dieting may be sneaking in.
Call me, I'll share what I know, connect you with resources, and cheer you on ... I continue to be available to you as needed.

I'm including Greg's weight loss graph ... you can see that the pounds came off quickly and consistently. Then he met his goal, transitioned, and began to slide back up in the summer months - granted, lots of things were happening like company, a sick relative, and a few trips. I'm happy to report that he made the decision to recommit to the program in January of 2010, brought his weight under his target and has successfully kept it below target for the past three years.

In maintenance, it takes daily attention to stay slim ... we move more, use smaller plates, eat vegges often, drink lots of water and never allow ourselves to get hungry.  Along with our healthy food choices, we use one or two nutrition packed Medifast meals each day - I generally have an oatmeal in the am and a bag of BBQ bites late in the evening. Greg has a bar mid-day and a choc pudding before bedtime. When we travel, we take most of our meals with us and buy fresh fruits and vegges to stock up the hotel fridge ... eating more than one restaurant meal per day puts weight on very quickly for me! Remember the acronym, "BESLIM!"

It's important to know what turns your "Insulin Pump" on and pushes your weight up! Just as it's important to understand what keeps you slim and fit! 

Thanks for checking in and giving me feedback. Thanks for asking questions and sharing your stories!

Health Coach Resource provides health and wellness coaching for individuals, families, and employee groups.  We guide clients through our medically directed program of rapid weight loss, transition, and maintenance. We also offer training for qualified individuals who are seeking health coaching jobs and careers. Health Coach training and certification lights up our lives as it lightens the burden of hopelessness and disease caused by poor habits and obesity in America.  Click Here to learn more. 

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