Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Are You on an Epic Journey?

I have been reading a lot about the concept of "Passion" lately. One helpful book is Aspire: Discovering Your Purpose Through the Power of Words by Kevin Hall. As you read on, think about your own passions ... what's worth fighting for? What brings you joy?

In Chapter four of Aspire, Kevin tells the story of Chad Hymas, a quadriplegic, who decided to reclaim his health and carve out a new life as an inspirational speaker.  After 18 months of relearning how to sit up, feed and care for himself, he begins an adventure on a three wheeled bike through the desert from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas. 

Kevin describes the stages of Chad's epic journey ... in the beginning there was a sense of nervous eagerness, filled with lots of attention and excitement. As Chad sets off, he is escorted through town by friends, family, and local police. Pedaling his bike with his forearms, Chad bikes through frigid nights and blistering days just four inches above the scorching pavement.  At one point he's invaded (literally!) by hordes of crickets. Of course, there are endless hills, fatigue, hunger, and self doubt. There are dark moments of indecision and depression. Like all accounts of personal heroism, Chad presses onward until he crests the finial hill and sees Las Vegas in the distance. At that point, the crowds turn out again, his family has flown in to cheer him on, strangers swarm the streets, everyone is applauding and there's great fanfare. Chad goes on to become one of those incredible speakers who inspire us to find and follow our passions! 

The suffering experienced and passion required, when undertaking any epic journey (think: shedding 35, 65, 100+ pounds!), is beautifully described. It reminds me of the many wonderful individuals we've met in the last five years who have made the decision to pursue a healthier life with our Take Shape for Life program. I've had the honor of engaging, connecting, and witnessing the decision making process, the excitement, worries, and self doubt. The struggles make the triumphs even sweeter!!!  And the "rest of the story" isn't that we've "finally arrived," it's that we've learned how to persue our dreams.  We've gained new tools, habits and insights.  We've gained a new sense of self, a new support system, and a new vision of the life we want to live. I am so humbled and grateful to be a part of this epic journey! 

Congratulations all around to each of you, to each of us who hold the goal of reclaiming our health and especially to those who help others do the same!

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