Sunday, September 15, 2013

Removing her pants ...

I've had the following story for a long time but had not photo to go with it ... Then I came across Wendy's "Before and After" and realized that none of us could pull off the little stunt described in the story, unless our we felt confident about out thighs ... one client wrote to me recently, "Celebrate! My thighs didn't rub together as I walked today! I wasn't pulling my shorts back into position with every three steps like I did in the spring!"  Here's the story:

I have a really great story to tell you about a friend. Back when women first started wearing pants suits, she bought a really swish black pants suit with a tunic top. Her husband loved to eat really good food, didn't mind paying for it, so when they were traveling he always made reservations at good restaurants. One night she wore her new pants suit and they presented themselves at a fine restaurant. The maitre d  fixed her with a stony gaze, and said "Madam, we don't serve women who wear pants." Her husband was about to be indignant, but she shushed him and said she had to go to the ladies room, would be right back. She went to the ladies room and REMOVED HER PANTS. The tunic top made a nice mini-skirt, which was also in style. They presented themselves to the maitre d again, he blinked and blandly said "Good evening, madam." The food was excellent.

What are you celebrating now that you are on your path to optimal health? Share what you are noticing ... what can you do that you haven't done in a long time???

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