Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday's Note: Better Together!

Good Morning - It's my favorite day, the day I hear from many of you about your health Journey! I really enjoyed the Sunday calls yesterday - it's was fun to hear your news and catch up!!  

Better Together!
As always, check in with me often and let me know:
  • How your week on program has gone?
  • What did you learn about yourself?
  • Why is gaining better health important to you?
  • What will you do differently this coming week?
  • What chapter are you on in Dr A's book(s)?
  • What new Healthy Habits are being introduced and becoming easier?
  • Who's noticing and, who would you like us to reach out to with you?
Last week, I've posted a recipe each day. Connect with me on FaceBook and go to My Blog to read more! Thank you for sharing your recipes (keep them coming!) and for sending our information and posts on to your friends.

This week I'm going to focus on all the things we have to Celebrate ... What are you noticing and celebrating???  Please chime in and follow the daily posts.

The first thing I want to celebrate is everyone's commitment to walk a mile on or before Sept 12th. Together, we walked over 19,000 miles for the first national Discover Your Optimal Health Day!!!  On the evening of Sept 12th, people gathered in homes across the country to share a "Healthy Happy Hour" with friends and family and to celebrate and plan the next steps on their health journeys. If your mile hasn't been counted yet, let me know.

The second celebration is for the opportunity to participate in Dr A's 30 Day Health Challenge ... if you haven't done it or you're ready to do it again, it's easy to sign up, just Click Here.  The Challenge helps us move through the books and the process of discovering our "Why," finding the "How," and doing what we need to do to get where we want to go to make our dreams become a sustainable reality.

The third celebration is that we get to pay it forward! Read my post on Selling Umbrellas!  

My Favorite Quotes for the Week:
My wedding ring fits again!
I’ve bid good bye to the 200s, and I’m looking forward to being out of the 190s soon!
I will always be "on purpose and on program!" Now I know the difference between dieting and living - thanks Polly!
Along the way, I've realized I am a serious stress eater ... My cravings for sweets came back with a vengeance and my will-power was slipping away.  Not quite sure where the inspiration came from - probably the success photos on your emails! - but the last few days I've been determined to get back to fat-burning mode and have forced myself to stay focused on the bigger goal of overall health. Feels so good that today, I am not tempted at all by the donuts, M&Ms, and fruit that are sitting in the break room right now.
Can you help my friend, Barbara?
My son is an athlete ... can he eat the bars? He loves them!
Thank you for helping me through the family BBQ dilemma!!! 
When Mama's Happy ...
How can I get credentialed as a Certified Health Coach? (Click Here for more info ... Please understand, whenever you share what you are doing, answer a question, and give encouragement, you are coaching already!  Let's make it official, call me and I'll help you take the next steps!)
When Mama's happy, everyone's happy!  (Click Here for more Stories.)

Business Hours:
Being in  a home-based business has given me so much freedom, connection, and fun!  I have a routine that you might like to know about.  My dedicated TSFL days are Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.  I am always packing my smart phone, love what I do, and am available as needed!  I always want to hear from you when you're having a bumpy day, have a celebration to share or want to help a family member or friend get started - get me on the phone!  

What are you Celebrating this Week?????  Call, text, FaceBook, and email me!!!!
Thanks again for the referrals and have a great week!  Let's go out and get America healthy!!!

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