Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday's Check-In Note!

Good Morning Fellow Health Seekers!

We've had an exciting week!
We presented the third and final talk in our "Ready! Set!! Go!!!" series for the managers in a large construction company.  We had a blast learning about the demands these project managers face and how important the health of the workers is to them personally and professionally. Click Here to read more.

Exciting event is coming up:
9/12/13 is National "Discover Your Optimal Health" Day!!! You guys, this is us! You and me!!!  Many of our team members are holding a "Healthy Happy Hour" that evening in addition to organizing a walk.  If you are in the Portland metro area, please consider joining us at our home at 7pm that evening ... Dr Cosmo Sallibello will be here to share his story and speak about the effects of nutrition on eye health!

9/12/13, Help us "Walk Across America!"  Wherever you are, map out a mile, let me know you plans,register it with TSFL, and take a walk (rain or shine!) by yourself or with friends anytime on on Thursday, Sept 12th.  I want photos!!!!  Contact me to learn about our Fairview plan.
I want photos of you walking ... your shoes, your street, your group, your dog, your kids!! We will post photos on FaceBook of the nation-wide event.

Online Webinars are just wonderful!  I love being able to share and train from home ... Go to Team Global Webinars and shop around for a webinar that looks interesting to you!

Speaking of FaceBook, I posted stories and blogs every hour throughout the day yesterday - it was so fun! Find us at HealthCoachResource.
Another fun site for making connections and finding recipes is our team's Client Support page. I will post a Lean & Green compliant recipe every day this week ... Send me yours!!!! 

Speaking of books and website: What are your favorites on nutrition? I'll be happy to share my list with you! Just let me know and I'll attach it to an e-mail.

Ready for some favorite quotes of the week?
I'm under under 200 pounds!!! I haven't seen 197 since Jr High!!
No repeat knee surgery needed!! I had forgotten how great it felt to be walking pain free ... I'd forgotten that I was in charge of my health and had been expecting my doctor to "fix me!"  Guess what? I fixed me with your help!
I love the program because it works!  I'm down 16 lbs now.  Each day brings me closer to my goal of health and I'm thankful every day that Kathleen referred me to you! 

One young mom wrote: "I lasted 7 days without stepping on the scale ... I had the opportunity 3 weeks ago to use a scale that measures your body fat, muscle mass, visceral fat, body age as well as actual weight. I got to hop on it again today for a comparison! Here we go! Weight change: -7.6 pounds, body fat -2.6%, muscle mass +1% and body age 3 years younger! Feeling great!!!"

This lovely young teacher wrote: "Since 7/17/2012, the day I gave birth to my 13 month old daughter, I have lost 40% of my body weight.  Almost 1/2 of me is gone." I've included her photos!

When you answer a friend's question, share a health tip, recommend a healthy restaurant, YOU ARE COACHING!  Please ask me how to get a little more training and help many, many people!  What's been holding you up? Let's talk soon!!!

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