Sunday, September 15, 2013

Is There a Magic Word?

I'm reading Kevin Hall's book, Aspire ... the back cover says, "Kevin Hall shows us the surprising power of words - tools we can use to shape new thoughts and beliefs - to help us change, and create something better for ourselves and out planet."  Listen to Kevin Hall's story on TED Talks.  He explains how he discovered a "Magic Word" and goes on to share the incredible power and joy in the simple words we use everyday.

So you know the meaning of Inspire? Community? Purpose? Expire?

I can't wait to hear what words you Discover, Remember, Share, and Apply!!!

What's your Dream? Desire? Decision? What results you are creating today?

Health Coach Resource is a vision in motion ... it's you and I pooling our knowledge, commitment and experience to help others reclaim their health.

Our team of coaches provide health and wellness coaching for individuals, families, and employee groups.  We guide clients through our medically directed program of rapid weight loss, transition, and maintenance. 

We also offer training for qualified individuals who are seeking health coaching jobs and careers. Health Coach training and certification lights up our lives as it lightens the burden of hopelessness and disease caused by poor habits and obesity in America.  Click Here to learn more.

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