Friday, September 20, 2013

I Remember Feeling Shy ...

I remember feeling shy ... Thankfully, that was a long time ago! So, today, I'm celebrating the beauty and bounty of Networking!  Not only do I meet many people with different ideas, skills, businesses, and backgrounds ... I learn about leadership, inclusiveness, "mouth management," presentation skills, marketing, and serving.

Here are a few of the local events that I'm engaged in this next week ... What's working for you???

(New!) Network Before Work, 8am at Elmer's Restaurant in Gresham, Thursday, Sept 26th (I think the group will meet monthly)

Healthy Happy Hour, 7pm at the Malby's home in Fairview, Thursday, Sept 26th.
The topic is movement and exercise - How to improve and maintain strength, flexibility, and playfulness in our sedentary, stress-filled day. We'll have one or two guest trainers here to share their wisdom!!! Space is limited. RSVP to Greg Malby.

Come Make a Vision Board with us!!! 4:45-7:45pm, Monday, Sept 30th, Fairview Library. The focus is on "What are the Results you want to Create?" 
Space is limited. Let me know you want one of the 6 spots ASAP. Contact Polly Malby.

Corbett Lady's Monthly Tea is on the last Thursday morning of most months.
Contact Polly Malby or Bev Law for more information.

And, these are some of my favorites:
West Columbia Gorge Chamber of Commerce
Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs
Portland Connects
Networking Before Work

Let me know if you need more info or help finding groups to connect with in your area!

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