Monday, September 23, 2013

Here Comes Transition!

Here's a conversation that I'd like to share about transition ... It's not about the number of pounds lost - it's all about the habits, mobility, self confidence, and health gained!!! Nicole is experiencing the joy of being able to run about with her daughter and husband easily, feeling energetic with her 3rd grade students, and shopping in the "regular" ladies' clothing stores!

Here's snippet of our conversation:
'Happy to report I am still losing weight in transition. My first week comes to a close tomorrow and I will be adding (gulp) fruit.  Okay.  I bought some delicious-looking apples, blueberries, bananas and grapes.  My daughter loves fruit too.  I am so happy this is going well.

I am curious. In transition it says to add 1 cup of any kind of vegetables you like.  Does this include corn, potatoes and sweet potatoes or are those considered starches?  I have not added those in although I did have a few delicious carrots (it is weird to feel like you are "cheating" when you eat carrots or an onion). Thanks for your support.  Have a happy Monday!

My Reply:
Enjoy your piece of fruit ... I remember that first bite of apple after reaching my goal!!!!!
And, yes, you can add back all vegges slowly ... I continue to be cautious with starchy ones and you may want to hold off on them for a while longer.  Aren't carrots wonderful?!!

As you come out of fat-burning, you will be going in to the balancing act of "Calories in vs Calories out."  A plain potato has ~ 164 calories and 37 carbs ... that's more than two slices of bread.  While on program, you've been getting ~85 carbs per day so be aware that anything with concentrated carbs can flip your insulin switch to "ON!"

I've maintained my feisty slim shape for four years and find that I can have one starchy item per day and keep my weight stable - one tortilla, 1/2 a potato or sweet potato, one small serving of beans.  My protein serving is a bit less than when I was on full program ... instead of 5-7 ounces, it's down to 3-4. I continue to heap my 9" plate with salads and vegges of all kinds.  If I start munching on too many nuts (since I don't use much meat), my wt will slide up a little.  We are using a lot of tofu - Greg keeps coming up with good recipes ... I'll post more.  We are also using shataki noodles see my post on them.  

I take sliced fruits and vegges with me wherever I go. I also keep the Medifast bars in my purse, the BBQ bites in my car, and brownies in the house for times that I need to grab something quickly or want something sweet. Keep me posted!

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