Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Leader is a PathFinder!

Today's word is "Leader." 
As I mentioned yesterday, I'm deep into a wonderful book, Aspire, by Kevin Hall.  In the second chapter, he recounts a conversation about the work, "Leader."

Did you know that the word "Leader" comes from two words: "Lea" meaning "Path" and "Der," meaning "Finder?"  And, that to be a leader means to be a "Pathfinder" ... one who goes first, finds, and then lights the way?  

As we know, it's not a solo endeavor. A leader is "other focused" and, keeping the verb "to inspire" in mind, the deepest desire of a good leader is to empower and help others find their way to their goals, to "translate vision into reality!"  If we want to be effective leaders, if we want to help others find the right path, we must be authentic and know our own path. 

If you'd like more, Click Here to read what Kevin Kruse has to say as he points out that "Leadership" isn't necessarily attached to seniority, titles, personality, or management styles ... 

Now, share a little about the dynamic leaders you know and what you do daily to develop those wonderful skills in your life! 

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  1. A leadership coach who is not passionate will not thrive as a leadership coach because their lack of intensity will show up in their coaching.
    Professional Coach

  2. Leadership is never easy but with God as your director and additional help from materials and person/s like Ron the role can be adjusted. There will be person/s your will have to stand up to at times who causes chaos and put them on the right track.
    leadership programs