Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday's Note ... Why did the elephants get kicked out of the pool?

Happy Monday ... My favorite day!
I love hearing from you and getting the update on your health journey!  I jot down the results you share and celebrate the incremental, weekly victories, flashes of insight and life changing health improvements.  I also get to help out with challenges and dilemmas, sort out orders and schedules, plans and dreams.  

Find out why the elephants got kicked out of the pool at the end of this note!

I'm looking forward to hearing from you - let me know your:
Click Here to read Brandie's story
  • Insights to habit triggers
  • Your Weight 
  • Tummy measurement
  • Change in medication use and lab values
  • Progress reading of Dr A's books
  • Who's noticing & ready to get started
Recently, a client texted me, "I want this to happen faster!" Oh course! We all do ... and I don't know why the weight loss and changes happen more quickly for some than others ... I do know for sure that it's the steady determination, the tiny, daily habits, that bring about the lasting change! And, sustainable change, sustainable health is what we are all after!

Tools for Your Journey:
Our team has a secret client FaceBook page, Healthier Habits 4u Client Support. Just send a "Friend Request" and you can Friend Request me too at My personal page.

Many clients love the opportunity to track their progress and connect on

Discover Your Optimal Health is Dr A's new best selling book, have you added it to your order? I think you'll really like it ... it's a short, easy read, that focuses on finding your "Why" and discovering how to make personal health a priority with less struggle and angst. (PS, I don't get any commission on book sales, I just found it to be wonderfully helpful!)

The new TSFL Food Journal is a great tool.  I've attached it because I've found it to be very helpful. You can add it to your order for a dollar.

Upcoming Events:
  • The First Annual Discover Your Optimal Health Day!!!! Sept 12th ... we will be celebrating with others across the nation and will have more details soon!
  • Healthy Happy Hour! 7pm on every Thursday evening, call for directions.
  • The Rewards of Health Coaching, 6pm Thursday evenings, call for invitation and directions.
  • Portland/Vancouver Area Health Coach Training with TimCox (Lucky us!!!) on Saturday, Sept 7th, from 9-noon at the Heathman in Vancouver, WA. 
Helpful Sites and Webinars:
Tuesday evenings & Wednesdays at noon, tune in for live Webinars on Discovering Optimal Health
Introduction to Health Coaching Webinars - Click Here to check them out!
And, there's Coach Training available online too ... it's live on Monday and Thursday evenings.
Best of all, an entire library of Opportunity and Coach Training Webinars are available to us all. Click Here to check them out.

Please share this information with anyone that has a heart for helping people and who is looking either for an additional tool to add to their "Tool Kit," or who is interested in starting a business and wants information ... I'll be happy to interview anyone you suggest to see if they are a good fit for our team!

Finally, who's noticing and who's ready to get started?????  I'm surprised over and over again at the stories and changes, determination and reclaimed health that I get to be a part of ... this is too wonderful to keep to ourselves. 

My Favorite Story of the Week:
Click Here to read Brandie's story ... this is what I get to do all day long!!! Just so you know, YOUR story is really my favorite!!!

And Why did the elephants get kicked out of the pool? They've been using the our program successfully and keep dropping their trunks!"

I can't wait to hear from you!!!

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