Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Monday's Note to Celebrate the Victories!

Happy Monday!
I'm looking forward to hearing from you sometime today or tomorrow ... I love celebrating all the tiny steps that you and I are taking to improve our health!!  Connect in someway, let me know the score and send me a new photo!

Greg and I traveled to Dallas, TX, this past week ... we took Medifast meals with us and were so grateful for the convenience, nutritional confidence, reduced meal expenditure, and decreased temptation to indulge!!!  Having our meals with us meant we were able to make wise choices consistently, enjoy the lovely meals we did chose to have in restaurants, and come home without "extra baggage!" Click Here to Read More.

Last week's note had lots of info on upcoming events, you can access it by Clicking Here.  I'd love to see you here at our home on a Thursday evening for our Health Coach and/or client Intro get-together.  And, I'd love to get you an invitation to one of the two Health Coach Training events in September ... if you can't attend or don't live close by, so much information is available on line! Check it out here then let me know what you watch and let's make a date to chat about it.

This week, take a look at "Active Living: Inside and Out" in chapter 13 of Dr A's Habits of Health ... What movement, activities, and exercise are you adding to your routine?  Knowing that being active consistently gives us the best results, how are you adjusting your environment to support your new activity?

Favorite Victory Quotes for the Week:
I got a little hungry and still had 40 mins before my next meal, so I got up from my office chair and danced around (where no one could see me!) singing, "Go girl, Go girl, Go get the fat!" I feel so much better! I also had a drink of water, had some celery and prepped my next meal! This is great!

I'm back on to burn through the five pounds I've gained over the summer holidays ... This is day 4 and I'm down 4 1/2 pounds! OH Goodness, I love this program!!!"  PS, Results NOT Typical!
I'm having some challenges with remembering to eat every three hours because I'm not used to that.  At first I was watching the clock for my three hours to arrive because I was hungry.  Now I'm just not feeling hungry which is a miracle in itself and so I have to be vigilant to "fuel."  

I'm loving the structure of the program and it feels very doable.  My husband and friends say that they can tell by my face that I've lost weight.  My clothes feel a little loser and I feel very hopeful - that's the greatest reward for me right now - to feel hope that I really can lose weight but also be able to keep it off.  Thanks for your part in that!  

This week's story:  Russ has a wonderful Story ... "Having spent 35 years in the restaurant food industry from dishwasher to Vice President, I’ve seen it all." Click Here!!

Have a GREAT week!  I can't wait to hear from you and THANKYOU for the referrals!!!

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