Monday, August 26, 2013

Dining Out Ideas ...

My wrap, Greg's salad were huge!

Eating out isn't so hard as long as you plan ahead ...

Greg and I traveled to Dallas, TX, this past week ... we took our Medifast meals with us and were so grateful for the convenience, nutritional confidence, reduced meal expenditure, and decreased temptation to indulge!!!  Having meals with us meant we were able to make wise choices consistently, enjoy the lovely meals we chose to have in restaurants, and come home without "extra baggage!"

I'd love to hear what works for you! Share your secrets to success.

Here are some ideas that work for us:
  • Don't go hungry, having a shake an hour or so before leaving home means that I'm not in the "I'm Staving NOW!" mode.
  • Shop the menu before going into the restaurant.
  • Request that the typical bread or chips be taken off the table or not brought out in the first place.
  • Salads with vegges and protein usually work if we "hold the bacon, tortilla chips & nuts for now"
  • Broiled fish, chicken. or tofu work if not breaded.
  • Some broth based veggie soups are doable.
  • I ask the waiter what side vegges are being served and, if appropriate, I ask them to substitute a veggie for the potato, rice, or noodles. 
  • I've been known to ask for an extra salad to munch on while everyone else has an appetizer.
  • I always request dressings and sauces be served on the side or skipped.
  • Request a "To-Go" box arrive with the meal so I can put half the meal into it for later.
  • Sometimes we share an order. 
  • Drinks present another issue ... seltzer water with lemon, no-cal sodas can be helpful ... is this an issue for you?  Drinking alcohol can through your efforts and resolve right out the window!
What's your next adventure???  Thank you for letting us be part of it!

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