Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Top 9 Reasons Why I love to Coach

I love coaching wellness and the reasons are pretty selfish ...
That's me and one of many of the
sweet little babies I got to greet ...
Thankfully, the nurse had taped my
 glasses up so I could see!
Coaching others to health:.
  1. Encourages long term friendships and relationships.
  2. Feels wonderful - I get to help others in a personal, tangible, life-giving way without staying up all night as I did in my 29 years of catching babies ...
  3. Health Coaching benefits everybody's body.
  4. Is a service that's desperately needed, cost effective, and has no shortage of clients.
  5. Involves awesome training and tools ... I love interventions, skills, and products that really work!
  6. Coaching promotes my personal health habits because, unlike my former years as a faculty midwife, I no longer consume vast amounts of chocolate and coffee at 2am and I don't have to be up all night!
  7. I get paid well, work with a spectacular team, am thanked a lot, and don't have to be up all night ... I know, I said that already!
  8. Has reduced my stress level ... I love being my own boss, working from my home office, setting my own schedule, and (I know, I've said it already but I really want you to get it!) not having to stay up all night! 
  9. Coaching clients to health, keeps me accountable and supports my intention to stay slim and active for the rest of my life.
Greg and I have become Health Coach trainers ... if you'd like to know more about the opportunity and rewards, take a look at these Webinars and call me right now, 503-313-4820 ... this is what we do full time and we love it!  

Final note, not only have we both lost weight (71# together), kept it off for more than four years, decreased medication use, improved stamina, and forged lifelong healthy habits, we've also established a thriving business.  As a result, we were both able to retire years sooner than we had dared to dream possible.  We now enjoy working and traveling full-time together and helping many, many people along the way.  If this piques your curiosity, give us a call and let's hear about your situation and interests to see if this would be a good match for you! 

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