Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day - and I can hear my Dad's voice ...

Memorial Day has me thinking about my dad ... 
I can still hear his voice as he advises me to, "Flat get it done!"
Dad didn't say much sometimes and when he did, I listened. He loved us, he loved the Marine Corps, and he encouraged us to always be the best we could be. After he retired from 22 years of military service, he was 39 and became an entrepreneur.  I benefited from his determination to provide each of us five kids with the support, tools, and integrity necessary to go out and make a difference. No pity parties allowed, just "Flat get it done!"  I am so grateful.

So, here we go!  It's another week and I'm looking forward to your check-ins and catch me ups!!!

Are you in fat-burning or just using the Medifast meals as a diet food? 
If we treat the program like a "diet," we are likely to experience the typical fad dieting, Yo-Yo results.  When we allow ourselves to enjoy the process, appreciate the simplicity and convenience, claim the new BESLIM habits, and stay focused on our vision of optimal health, THEN we will experience the success we desire for a life time of vitality and well-being!

Are you using the Tools from Dr A's Habits of Health, chap 8-10?
  • (Learn) to eat healthy for life, pg 91
  • Before you shop, pg 95
  • Ready? Let's Go Shopping, pg 97-115
  • Your transition to Permanent Health: BESLIM, pg 149
Favorite Quotes this week ... Our clients are our best teachers! 

Thank you for your help ... I've been feeling naked and raw ... worried that someone will see me, look at me ... I've been feeling very vulnerable ... you know, too cute!
I can get out of my car!  This is not even funny!!!  It used to be such a struggle ... I didn't park in the handicapped zone because I didn't want to be seen. 
I'm turning my load of bricks into a paved pathway to better and better health!
I'm taming the "Hungry Tiger" who gnaws at my self confidence and well-being!

Enjoy the photos for the week! 
Mary worked diligently to get the pounds off so she could "make weight" to enlist.  Angela and Tish both shed the excess pounds to surprise husbands who were deployed!  Happy Memorial Day and Congratulations!!!

Have a wonderful week!  Go out and "Flat get it done!"

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