Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

It's Mother's Day as I write this, and we have so much to be grateful for ...  We have our first great-grand baby - this is too hard to believe, but oh so fun!!! 

Tools to Use: 
Dr Andersen has shed new light on how obesity has become so common place and what to do about it. You can go to his site and sign up for his "30 Day Challenge" which will take you quickly through the first part of Dr A's Habits of HealthThese first four chapters focus on preparing for the journey and suggest that we:
  • Look at the "Habits of Dis-ease" 
  • Learn to "Stop, Challenge, and Choose" 
  • Make a distinction between "Problem Solving vs Desired Outcome" 
  • Describe your "Vision!" (see the attached pictures for more inspiration!!  What does "Freedom" mean to you???)
  • Create a Structural Tension Chart
  • Take the Health Quiz - to take it online, go to Dr Andersen's web site, scroll down a little ways and find it along the right hand side.
Favorite Quotes this week:
This is amazing! It's just like you said, I not just "losing" ... I'm successfully tapping into my storage tank of fuel! 

I wasn't sure if this would work but I just kept trusting and it's like how the lights come on when you enter the room! 

I'm so comfortable in my skin!  I'm happy with the two pound loss per month. I'm feeling safe. 

I am restarting AGAIN this weekend. (My friend) has inspired me big time. Thank you for not giving up on me. 

I was scared to give up my old clothes.  I was really scared to give up my "old self".  I was scared to give away my old habits and my comfort zone.  I was holding onto it all...  But I am recently wearing size 12-14 and saving size 22W feels kinda like hoarding ... I have been thinking that it is ridiculous to hold onto size XL, 1X and 2X clothes when I will not to that size ever again ... I've been terrified to let go of those habits and that comfort zone...  But I am becoming a new person.  I just needed to trust myself enough to let go forever.  Why is that so hard to do?  

Keep the notes and quotes coming! thanks again for the referrals - you are the best!!!
You're invited to check in weekly and more often as needed. As always, we love "taking your pulse" and teaming up with you as each of us takes the next steps on our life-long journey to health and well-being. Call, e-mail, or text your discoveries, surprises and stats for the week.  Let me know where you are in Dr A's Habits of Health.

Health Coach Resource provides health and wellness coaching for individuals, families, and employee groups.  We guide clients through our medically directed program of rapid weight loss, transition, and maintenance. We also offer training for qualified individuals who are seeking health coaching jobs and careers. Health Coach training and certification lights up our lives as it lightens the burden of hopelessness and disease caused by poor habits and obesity in America.  Click Here to learn more.

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