Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Good Grub

After visiting with a nephew who recently returned from a trip to Thailand, I got to thinking about a radio interview I heard on NPR last week about eatable insects. I have to ask the question: Shouldn't we be hearing more from followers of  "Paleo" diets about incorporating various insects into their diets?

The "caveman diet," as it is called, is based on an understanding that we should be eating more like our cave dwelling ancestors.  The entomologist on "Science Friday" has found that the diet of ancient man consisted of a lot of insects which are both easy to catch and plentiful.  Picture this: "Coming soon, the new Paleo Restaurant: Good Grub."

I believe that we all have to discover what types of food works best for us.  Going to the extremes in search for the perfect diet does not ensure health.  Dr Andersen in his book, Dr A's Habits of Health, shows us a method of food consumption that is both moderate and effective.  It includes sections that deal with most kinds of food preferences.  Dr Andersen is honest and shows you how to adopt a healthy eating plan even if you never purchase the Medifast meal replacements that he recommends for safe effective weight loss.

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