Monday, May 6, 2013

Create Yourself

Today I would like to share this section from Robert Fritz's blog to help clear the path in order to "create a life you love." Using the section in Dr Andersen's Habits of Health, Robert Fritz diagrams the process of creating "Structural Tension" to create health in your life. This process of using structural tension works in just about any situation.

       "The Key to Structural Change"

"If you have an unwanted belief about yourself, don’t try to change it. Instead, simply recognize it. Don’t hide it from yourself. The ideal – belief – reality conflict is only made possible because you are trying to hide your opinion of yourself from yourself. The moment you stop trying to live up to the ideal, and understand what you really think about yourself, the better.
This is not a matter of begrudgingly admitting what you think. It is also not trying to be okay with it. It is just acknowledging a fact: you think what you think.
In our age of compulsory high self-esteem, it might not have occurred to you that it’s okay to have a less than wonderful opinion about yourself. But, have the opinion you have, and here’s the killer point, it doesn’t matter a bit. What is important is not what you think about yourself, but how well you create the life you want. Your true aspirations and values are independent of how you see yourself.
Contrary to the impression you absorbed growing up, what you think about yourself has nothing to do with how well you can learn to create a life you love."
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