Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday Check-in Note for March 4th

Molly and her husband ... Typical results 2-5 pounds
first and second week, 1-2 pounds thereafter.
Good Morning,
If you're new to this Monday Check-in note, the purpose is to build our coaching relationship, remind you to check-in with me weekly, and provide you with tips and ideas as you journey to health.  I love your feedback!!!

My daughter has given me some advice: "Mom, you've led such a vibrant and juicy life ... let it show ... let it carry you ... let it work for you!"
I'm taking her advice ... check out this blog about an evening when I almost got arrested! 

I hope you enjoy the blogs I've been posting ... I hope I bring out the best in you as you being out the best in me!  Also, follow us on FaceBook. 

Take the Quiz
Where are you in your reading of Dr A's Habits of Health???  I'm starting over again ... there's so much info and I get something new each time!  If you haven't taken the Health Quiz lately, it's time to take it again.  Let me know your score and tell me what's working and changing for you.  This will help us re-adjust your goals and define the next steps on your journey to gaining health.

Upcoming Events:
  • Dr Andersen will be in town and doing a public presentation for those interested in coaching on Thursday, March 14th, 6-9pm.  There were 2,000 people gathered in January when he was last in town.  It's worth making the effort - he's an amazing, visionary physician.  Let me know you are coming. 
  • Webinars this week are listed at the end of this note - There's one TODAY at noon PST!  They are all great and designed to move us all along on the path to health in our lives.  Be sure to register in advance and log in on your computer 5-10 minutes prior to the webinar.
  • 5&1 Program Introduction, our home, Monday, March 11th, 7-8:30
  • Intro to Coaching, our home, Saturday, March 16th, 6-7pm
  • New Coach Training, our home, Saturday, March 16th, 7-8:30
Favorite Quotes of the Week:
I just took the health assessment quiz again.  I scored 64, which is a huge improvement from 22, which was my score in September.  I went from very unhealthy to just unhealthy.  I have also lost 2 more pounds.   

I bought a pair of pants yesterday on sale that were two pant sizes down from where I was when I started, which felt great. I am looking forward to being smaller and being able to happily swimsuit shop this summer, and just be more comfortable in my body. 

This morning I was 267 but I was at 270 longer than forever so now my skin has caught up with me (no sags) lol I hope to continue to lose no matter what, even after my birthday...  

I got the magazine today! I really enjoyed reading through it. A big part of my job is designing magazines so it's always neat to look through and see what other designers are doing, plus the content was interesting too.   

I finally hit my 20 pound mark! 191 on the scale this morning!  It was somewhat surprising because I sprained my ankle a few weeks ago in roller derby practice and haven't really been able to do any sort of exercising ... with the weather getting better and sun staying up longer, I can start biking/running again.

I love this photo of Molly and her husband ... they are amazing!!!

Have a fabulous week - keep the check-ins and referrals coming!  Thanks!!!  Polly 

For the Webinars, please register in advance -
Please get logged on 5-10 minutes prior to the webinar.

Exploring Optimal Health with Take Shape for Life    
Wednesday March 6th - 8 pm PST

Saturday March 9th - 10:30 am Pacific Time

Rewards of Coaching with Take Shape for Life  
Thursday March 7th 6:30 pm PST

Wednesday March 13th 6:30 pm PST

New Coach Orientation
Saturday March 9, 2013 9 am PST

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