Monday, March 4, 2013

I Almost got Arrested ... And, It's All About Greed ...

I almost got arrested taking this photo. It's of a poster that was covering the outer wall of an AM/PM store several years ago.

It was late, dark and rainy when I saw it. So, as I popped out of my car and started taking photos with my camera, I inadvertently alarmed the store keeper. He came out, asked me what the **** I thought I was doing and threatened to call the police. I was just trying to get a good picture without glare. I started to tell him about being a Health Coach but he wasn't impressed. I was bad for business and he asked me to leave, which I did after getting one more shot!

So, what's the significance of this photo and why have I used it in every health and wellness talk I've given since?  Who is "The Beast?"  Why is the Beast hungry, chained, and being encouraged by a group of apparently buff and sexy people?  Who are these cheerleaders?  They certainly aren't Health Coaches or benefactors  ... I believe they are the marketers who know about my inner child ... that little Cookie Monster who takes over whenever my insulin switch gets turned on.  

This poster is all about need and greed ...

  • the need and hunger that occurs when I'm not on Program (Click Here to read more about following the BESLIM lifestyle towards better and better health)
  • the need that every cell in our body feels when it's not being well nourished.
  • the desperation that our young people are feeling ... they are really addicted to junk food and find themselves chained to bad habits, bad advice, and abundant nutrient-poor "food" choices.
  • the greedy exaltation that junk and fast food marketers feel when they see us buying their products and pushing their profits up.
What else do you see in this piece of advertising?  What are you learning that helps you break the chains and develop life promoting habits?

Remember, it's not just about weight loss ... it's about tapping into your fat stores, using them efficiently, gaining healthy habits and moving consistently forward on the path to optimal health at every age.

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