Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Expectations and Shoulds

Sent by my friend Shell Tain!
Robert Fritz wrote wonderful post on "Balance" today.  I related to it on so many levels.

I love his technique of making a Structural Tension Chart ... it's a process I use weekly, monthly and annually.  Here's my short version for today ... hint: read it from the bottom up.

Vision - Working steadily, see progress, feel effective.
Having a smooth, fun presentation this evening

Action Steps

  • Take a walk
  • Plan to be out of the office at 3pm
  • Schedule big tasks and relax
  • Pick up with the most important, short tasks first
  • Go take a 20 minute nap now
  • Prioritize tasks - put them in order on my desk
  • Be OK with feeling tired

Current Reality - Feeling bombarded with expectations and out of balance.
Was awake and up at 5am (really 4am if time change hadn't gone into effect!)
There are lots of wonderful "crops in the field" ... they each deserve attention
I love what I'm doing but suspect I'm just tired ...

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