Thursday, March 14, 2013

Don't Cheat, Here's Why!

Dr Andersen writes:

Important information to remember…. Whether it’s an “Evening Weakening” or a “Weakened Weekend”… Here are some very important reasons why you want to follow the directions and not be “on again off again”.
  1. The first reason is that you will get the best results.
  2. In order for the Program to be effective, you must be in the fat burning state.  Why?  Because when you are burning fat you have lots of energy, not tired, not hungry, and most importantly…you are burning fat, not muscle.  We want you to spare your muscle as it is very important in your metabolism, calorie burning ability, and strength.
  3. It is very unhealthy to be going in and out of the fat burning state.  This will cause a stress to your body whether you can feel it or not.
  4. This “on again off again” behavior is not helping you to learn healthy eating habits, in fact, just the opposite. You will be teaching yourself a very unhealthy habit, possibly binging, and also weakening any will power you might of thought you had.
  5. Drinking on the weekends… Just say “no”.  Alcohol lets your defenses down and fills you up with empty calories and carbs, which will kick you out of the fat burning stage.
  6. When you kick out, it can take up to three days to kick back in. Causing you to be hungry and possibly tired until you are burning fat again.
  7. In other words…If you can’t do it right, switch to a maintenance-type program with more calories until you are truly ready.

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