Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday's Note, 02-25-13

Results vary but smiles don't!
Good Morning and Happy Monday!
As we head into March and begin to look forward to Spring, keep your focus on the "Results you Intend to Create."  Making and using a "Structural Tension Chart" is really helpful because, the path to "Success" is not straight!  

Check out this short blog: Start to Finish: Not So Straight.  If you've done a Structural Tension Chart, will you share?  If not, let me know your goals and we can make one together.  I've noted mine at the end of this note.

Upcoming Events:
Dan Bell (who is amazing!) is giving a presentation called, "Exploring Optimal Health with Take Shape for Life." 
It's on Tuesday, February 26, 2013 7:00 pm PST. 
Amazing Quotes this week:
My cousin noticed!  I told her "I'm working c a Health Coach" and she asked if you could call her ... here's her number ... I can't wait for her to start too!
I'm enjoying the program. the good thing is I can take these packets to work and mix it right there even if I'm waiting for a birth!
I lost 4 pounds this week.  I am down to 205!  I have been doodling on my before and after pic.  Before I had high blood pressure, acid reflux, sleep apnea.  I still have sleep apnea but the high bp and acid reflux are gone.  I am keeping it up.  On my way to losing 50 pounds and being in "One-derland!"  Thanks for cheering me on.
Monday morning at 248, the 250 goal has been passed.
I just got home from and opted not to stop for fast food for dinner!!! 
Enjoy the photo of Emily and her family!! We are so happy for all of them ... they've build a network of support and have gained many years of healthier life!!! 

The results that I'm after are positive relationships, momentum towards ever improving health, happiness, and clarity. You know you're in the right place when you let the Program work for you, can see where you are going and are using the tools effectively to get you there.  Here's what Dr Andersen has to say:
Take Shape for life offers a whole new approach to weight loss based on creating health with three componenets - a Health Coach, the Medifast 5&1 Plan, and the Habits of Health System.  These three combined provide the foundation and log-term support that can help clients down the path to optimal health.  Losing weight is just the first the first step.  We surround our clients with a bio-network of support and help them to adopt healthy habits that can last a lifetime.

Have a Great Week!!!

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