Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Check-in with Haiku ...

From Dr Shairo's Picture Perfect book
Good Morning and Happy President's Day!

Dr Andersen is offering a 30 Day Challenge.  The focus is on shifting our focus and steadily improving our choices.  Click on 30 Day Challenge and accept!  Go for it!  Remember, the baby steps will help you get where you want to go.  They will help you digest and internalize the info in the Program materials covered in Dr A's Habits of Health so that you feel and look better for a life time.

Speaking of choices, check out the photos comparing the two meals and the one with the innocent looking muffin ... who knew that "in the old days" when I thought I was doing myself a favor by eating a bran muffin, I could have eaten for hours and been much more satisfied.  Forgoing fruits, fat and carb laden breads while on the 5&1 was hard at first.  Now, in maintenance, and have reintroduced these food sources, we've continue to assess our choices, strengthen our habits and keep our focus on gaining health for a life time.  Hummmm, no wonder diets fail!  Thank you for being on the path to wellness with us!

Last week, I invited you to express your playful side ... what did you come up with?  What did you do that made you smile this past week?  Did you doodle? Dance? Draw? Sing???

One thing I did was entertain a little poetry ... Haiku is a traditional form of Japanese poetry, with a 17-syllable verse form consisting of three metrical units of 5, 7, and 5 syllables.  Here are four Haiku Poems to get you started for this week:

Why do I want it?
Does it work? Can I do it?
Will you help me now?
(by Yours Truly)

Cheeseburger so kind.
It's tasty, warm and happy.
Is my butt that big?
(by ???)

There is Weight Loss Happening
Jealousy Abounds
Drop ‘Em Like You Drop The Pounds.
(by Saffie Kallon)

Celery and dip
Over my lips. A clean crunch.
Like Eating Water
(by Janice Taylor)

Favorite Quotes:

I lost 2 pounds this week just by having smaller snacks and eating every couple hours!
It is so nice to feel accountable to my family. Knowing they are cheering for me helps me stay on track!
I am back on program ... Thank Goodness!!!
I now have the tools to help my loved one find health!
This has changed my life!  I'm one of Those!  I wished I'd known 10 yrs ago, Its all about metabolism, feeding the furnace ... such a transformation.  I don't take compliments well - but I can really soak it all in - thank you! 

Things are going so much better!!  I did some initial journaling and have been logging my wins. As I type this I am in an all-morning meeting sitting next to a bunch of cupcakes that I have not and will not eat! :). I expect to continue journaling tomorrow night and through the weekend.

Open the door of hope to one person today ... what if you don't?  What if they think getting on program it's too expensive, too hard, or will take too long?  Take Shape for Life doesn't involve pills, potions, or a series of shots ... it's a plan, a sustainable program, a paradigm shift ... simple though not always easy ... it feels magical once it begins and the routine actions become habits replacing old behaviors, and patterns of thinking.  

If you haven't checked in recently, give me an update!
Want a little more inspiration?  Check out my blogs this week ... start with Nursing Mom Sheds Baby Weight.  And, have a great, life enriching week ... it's your choice!!


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