Friday, February 15, 2013

Getting 40# off Between Pregnancies Made a Big Difference!

Currently 26 wks along facing me at 24 wks with our first
I love this story!!! Meet Laura ...

"It's amazing how much this program really effected the rest of my life....long term. Not only did I get my previous pregnancy weight of 40 lbs off but it also helped prepare me for my second pregnancy! 

Look at the difference: on the left I'm currently 26 weeks and on the right I was 24 weeks with our son! Big difference, eh? 

As I left my doctor's office today, the doctor and nurses were so extremely impressed on much healthier I was this time around and said, 'My goodness, that health program you did really made a difference on your health!!' It's nice to hear that from my doctor!

Thanks TSFL!  You helped me get my baby weight off, get back into shape and continue to steer me towards optimal health ... my life is better in so many ways!"

When you're ready to make some changes, call me.  It's not just about losing weight.  Being a Health Coach means I provide coaching without additions costs to you!  Let's do it together!!! 

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