Thursday, February 7, 2013

Be a little Silly!

Goal setting may sound a little dry ...  Perhaps it's been frustrating and less than helpful in the past. However, knowing where you want to go and what results you intend to create, will propel you forward. Otherwise, we yo-yo, go in circles and end up with empty wishes and faded dreams.

Here's Dr Andersen's note on Goal Setting:
Whether your goal is to reach a healthy weight, exercise more, find fulfilling work, or something else, it's critical to envision that goal. That means you'll need to create a vivid picture of something that hasn't yet occurred. Click here to learn about SMART goals.
To make a vivid picture, to make your target tangible and real, be a little playful.  I've made collages many times but the doodles that I've done, songs I've sung, and odes I've written are just as valuable. (I wrote one to a plate of chocolate chip cookies last year) It's ok to be silly and a little vulnerable.  Remember, it's not just about how to lose weight ... We all want vibrant, sustainable health and we are all in this together!

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