Thursday, January 10, 2013

What does a willingness to fail got to do with it?

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The following blog was posted in "Spark People" this morning and it's very inspiring ... it's authentic and timely ... I'd love to hear more of your story ... Together, we can heal ourselves and bring hope to many, many people!  Polly.

Week of 01/10/2013 - Featured Blog Post
To Succeed, You Must First Be Willing to Fail. One thought that I have been mulling over for quite a while is that success comes when we embrace failure, both real and perceived, as part of the process. I have spent a lot of time pondering this element of our journey. 
It's only when there is a willingness to experience the sting of failure that we will ever experience a breakthrough. I have observed during my journey that the only times I really made progress was when I was willing to step out and do what needed to be done in spite of my fear of being seen struggling or the inadequacy I felt if an attempt at a certain exercise ended rather ingloriously. 
I have noticed in my own experience that I hesitated to commit to a healthy lifestyle simply because my heart could not tolerate yet another failure. It was so easy to stay in a safe place of inaction than to step out and face my fear of yet another false start in weight loss. This same irrational fear has manifested itself so many times in so many ways. Being afraid of jumping rope at the gym because someone would see my belly bouncing around, afraid of doing push ups because someone might see me struggle to push out 10 good ones. To sweat and struggle to bench press a couple of 30 pound dumbbells because the guy two benches down is cranking out presses with two 60 lb dumbbells. Heaven forbid anyone should ever see me run.
It is only when I broke away from my fear that I truly experienced liberty. The liberty to try. Once I embraced the willingness to fail, I began to succeed. The courage to begin begets the will to finish. 
By the way, tonight, pressing those two 30 pound dumbbell turned into two 60's. Jumping rope? ... I do it almost daily. I try to leave a trail of sweat wherever I go. It means I did something. Those that look pretty or cute after a workout really didn't do enough. The jogging at night so no one could see turned into running a marathon in front of everyone, struggles and all. 
Success is mine for the taking. 
What about you? Are you willing to commit even if the scale doesn't agree with your expectations? Will you lay down your pride and press on no matter even if you feel foolish, feel like you failed, feel like you are going no where? We always want to appear to others to be totally in control and we always know what we are doing. To be seen struggling is somehow an admission of weakness that some egos cannot tolerate but it is in weakness that we are made strong. It is when we admit that we know nothing, empty out our preconceived ideas on how this journey is supposed to be and become a willing student, that then, the teacher arrives. 
How far are you willing to go to reach your goals? I know how far I am willing to go, as far as it takes and I will never be afraid to try. That is how I succeed. 

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