Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Panda's Tail Wouldn't Squeak ...

Two thoughts: I don't like things that don't work and it's all about relationships ...

One of my earliest memories was a moment in time when I stood in the bathroom doorway looking up at my dad.  I was holding my toy panda with the squeaky tail.  The problem was, the squeak in his tail had stopped squeaking when I pinched it.  Now, my dad was big and strong and wise. I stood looking up to him, as he shaved, and tried to explain the tail-doesn't-squeal problem.  I remember not having the words to describe two things: my dismay that Panda was silent and the belief that he, my dad, could fix it.

Of course, squeaky tail mechanisms are beyond the grasp of even the smartest fathers.  Harder still, he then had to explain to the toddler (me) that it couldn't be fixed.  He tried to be blunt, clear and concise, intellectual, scientific, and rational, but I just wasn't buying it.  We were at an impasse.  Both of us were feeling the disappointment over the lessons: Life isn't fair, things break and can't always be fixed, and those we admire, even the smartest ones, don't always "get it."  Thankfully the love and trust that was established between us, carried us through.  My dad became tender and compassionate about my feelings and I became responsive and flexible even if I didn't understand.

This brings me back around to agreeing that none of us likes things that don't work. As a result, we watch, listen, experiment, and do the "do-diligence" so that we find the best information, products, and programs to help us in our quest for a happy, healthy, abundant life.  My journey has brought me to a new career as a Health Coach with Take Shape for Life.  I like it because it works.  I like it because the focus is on building relationships!

If you or someone you care about is unhappy with their current weight, has a closet full of clothes that don't fit, gets winded going up stairs because of the wealth of stored fuel in their belly, or has sore knees because of excess luggage, give us a call.  Not only do we have a program that works rapidly, safely, and establishes habits for long-term health, we focus on building trusting relationships to make it all work!

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