Friday, January 25, 2013

Thanks to our Mentors!

Just giving a Shout-Out of thanks to our Health Coaches and Mentors, Jan and Craig Turner!  They are the best!!!  They teach by example and lead us steadily forward. Thanks TSFL Support Team!

Jan and Craig are remarkable because they personify "Trust."  David Horsager, author of The Trust Edge, describes eight pillars for building and reinforcing Trust. You can read about them in the February Issue of "Success form Home" magazine which is all about Take Shape for Life!  Find it in Staples or Barnes and Nobles, then flip to page 12.  The article is titled, "Trust is Your Trump Card" and explains the benefits of implementing the pillars to improve relationships for family and business.  The pillars Horsager identifies are: Clarity, Compassion, Character, Competency, Contribution, Commitment, Connection, and Consistency.

By the way, from now on, whenever I post any visual Before and After, I'll remind you that, while on Program, you can expect to lose 2-5 pounds for the first 2 weeks and 1-2 pounds weekly thereafter.

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